Top 5 African Football Leagues to Bet On

Football is the most popular sport on the planet and for a good reason. It is simple and fun to watch. Everyone can enjoy it and everyone can take part in it. A ball and two goals is the only thing necessary, as well as the player. For this reason, football is popular in all parts of the world.

It is also the sport most people bet on. It is pretty entwined with sports betting. Online sportsbooks and casinos such as Greenplay often offer enticements for new bettors, various bonuses, promo codes and such. Given football’s popularity, it is played everywhere, so you will find various leagues across the world. Africa is one of those continents which has its own football leagues, yet not many care about them. Here are the top five African football leagues to bet on.

Tunisia Ligue Professionelle 1

Tunis has its own league, and has had since 1921. Their league is among the most popular leagues in Africa. Frequently, their players will end up playing in Europe, most notably France and French football clubs. Like most leagues, this one is also annual, so people have plenty of great matches to watch.

Egyptian Premier League

Egypt is also one of the many favorites among African football countries. It has its own league, called the Premier League, mimicking the most successful league on the planet. Compared to Senegal, they have had this league since 1948. This is Africa’s richest football league, so the name matches that of the English Premier League, at least in that respect.


This is an interesting name, and it belongs to the Democratic Republic of the Congo. This league has been around since 1958. An interesting fact about this league is that they have 5 clubs which have 6 titles, each. With a competitive league, football is always entertaining. This is why Linafoot is among the most-watched leagues in Africa.

Nigeria Professional League

This league is relatively young, speaking from a perspective of other older leagues, having been founded in 1972. Also, compared to other leagues, it has only 6 clubs competing for the title. Yet, that doesn’t stop them from performing at the highest level and having some of the most competitive players and clubs. The league also has plenty of sponsors.

South Africa Premiership Division

This is another of Africa’s best leagues, and among the top 3 richest leagues. It is known for high-quality football and competitive matches. It also has plenty of sponsors. It is the youngest league on the list, having been founded in 1996.

These are Africa’s 5 best football leagues to bet on. Remember, if you do want to bet on any of these league’s matches, to do so responsibly.