Latest FIFA Rankings of African Teams

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The latest FIFA world rankings are available and the list will definitely play a role in matchups for the 2022 World Cup. Using these rankings we can pretty accurately ascertain who are the best performing African teams at the moment. 


Senegal still remains as the highest-ranking team in Africa and it even moved up in global rankings. Back in 2018, Senegal qualified for a FIFA cup for the second time and won Amilcar Cabral Cup eight teams, which is better than any other team in the nation. 


After losing to Egypt and Morocco, Tunisia lost its number one spot to Senegal. Still, the team ranks among the top 50 in the world which only a handful of teams from Africa managed to achieve. 


Nigeria is currently 33rd in the world and 3rd in Africa. They remain as one of the best teams since 1949, and such consistency is truly praiseworthy. In 1994 in FIFA World Cup they ranked as 5th, which is an achievement that any other African team is yet to reach. 


Algeria managed to make one of the biggest climbs nationwide, as they jumped 28 places and now holds 40th place on a global ranking scale and 4th place in Africa. One thing is certain and that is that Algeria is full of surprises and inspiring plays, so you can always count on them to beat your expectations. 


The first time Morocco qualified for the World cup was back in 2018 and now has moved up 6 places in World rankings. Currency Morocco ranks 5th in Africa and it is followed by Egypt. 


This year Egypt managed to move up 9 places in the overall rankings and ended up on 6th spot in Africa. The Pharaohs are really close to Ghana as it ranks right after Egypt on both African and Global list. 


The Black Stars have represented the nation of Ghana for almost 70 years and the first time they qualified for the senior World Cup was in 2006. Ghana is still in 50th place in overall rankings and it still holds 7th place among African teams. 


Cameroon is a seasoned veteran when it comes to World Cup qualification as the first time they qualified was back in 1982. The indomitable lions even went all the way to quarterfinals that year and are historically still the best African team. They hold 53rd place and 8th place in Africa. 

Congo DR

Congo dropped from 39th place all the way to 56th which places them 9th in Africa, right in front of the Ivory Coast. Back in 2018, they had a far more impressive year, and they were even the first Sub-Saharan team to end up qualifying for the World Cup.

Ivory Coast

Ivory Coast ranks 57th which and allows them to enter the top 10 African teams.