Most Expensive Africa Football Transfers

Football has plenty of drama during the transfer windows. FIFA allows for two transfer windows in Europe, which is where most of the drama happens. Bookmakers love the transfer windows, because people bet on transfers, as well as matches. Online bookmakers often want their potential customers to join so they have various promotional codes to advertise their services, like this bet9ja promotion code. Bookmakers love transfer windows, but why, apart from the drama and increased bettor activity? Transfer windows are periods of great fluctuation and plenty of players move from one team to another, changing the odds for the remainder of the seasons or the next season, depending on the transfer window.

There have been some very expensive transfers in the history of football. With African footballers, the transfers haven’t been as high as some of the other footballers, from other continents, but the prices have been very steep. Here are the most expensive African transfers in football.

Nicolas Pepe – 87 Million Dollars

Nicolas Pepe is a forward who played for Lille. He is from Ivory Coast. Napoli chimed in to try and acquire the player but he showed preference towards Arsenal. Arsenal ended up buying him for 87 million dollars. The Gunners need it, as their seasons have often been middle of the pack as of late. His move to the Premier league will earn him around 8 million dollars per year. His score of 22 goals in Ligue 1 made a huge difference for Lille, earning them a second spot, which came as a surprise to many, except the fans. The fans always hope for the best, sometimes unrealistically.

Cedric Bakambu – 83 Million Dollars

Cedric Bakambu is from the Democratic Republic of Congo and used to play for Villarreal before moving to Beijing Guoan. The Chinese should be taken seriously when it comes to football. They have lots of money and their league is developing rapidly. His achievements are considered modest or average, at best, but the buying power of the Chinese is immense. He played for multiple clubs and had an international debut in 2015, losing to Madagascar in penalties. 

Riyad Mahrez – 76 Million Dollars

Riyad Mahrez is from Algeria and even managed to help Algeria win the Cup of Nations. He didn’t go too far when moving from club to club, staying in the Premier League. He was transferred from Leicester City to Manchester City for a fee of 76 million dollars. He played really well for Leicester City and Manchester City fans are hoping that he will continue playing in such good form under their colors, as well, eventually helping them win the Premier League like he did Leicester in the 2015-2016 season.

These are some of the most expensive African transfers in the world. With China and India emerging as the two countries to look out for, with their leagues becoming better and football more popular in both countries, there will certainly be many more expensive transfers in the years to come.