Best Casino Resorts in Africa

Much has changed in Africa over the decades in regards to gambling. Initially, casinos in Africa were limited to minimal games. Nowadays, the number of games offered are nearly numerous and many of the facilities are top notch.

While there are a lot of different laws and regulations that go with casinos, there are some very good ones out there. Many casinos are nowadays online and have various promotions like the 888casino Bonus for 2022, which make it more fun for their users. This article will take a look at some of the very best ones out there.

First and foremost, we must point out that the majority of the biggest and best casinos that are in Africa all belong to South Africa. This is simply because of years and years of development by companies. Initially, Sun were the only company there and controlled all of those casinos. Nowadays, that has changed. We now see other companies coming into the area, and that competition has helped make them better and better as a result.


The most popular casino in Africa- and South Africa- is in Pilanesburg. The Sun City casino has 38 gaming tables, and it allows a section for those that smoke and for those that choose not to partake. It also has plenty of slot machines to choose from a huge resort around it.

Gold City Reef Casino, also in South Africa, is another favorite due to all of the things that it offers. In addition to having the most advance gaming options and technologies available to you, it has a theme park, a museum relating to Apartheid, and over 1700 slot machines!

The Great Casino of La Mamounia in Morocco is another place that is hard to turn down. In addition to the natural beauty of the North African nation, the casino sees tradition and modern features come together in a very beauty way.